We fix computers & networks

Not everyone is tech knowledgable, that’s why we are here to assist. 

We support small and medium businesses too.
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Computer support for home or solo entrepreneurs

Having a dedicated support team for home would be called madness.

We provide a dedicated & personalised service to all our clients. 

Benefits to dedicated support

We say NO to FIX n GO. Tech staff usually resolve problems really quickly and then send you packing. Not us!!! We will tell you why your computer behaved the way it does. Fix the problem. Then explain how to resolve the problem yourself, or how to avoid that problem in the future. 

It’s best to stick with 1 company that provides fantastic service. Each time you hire a new person or company, they need to understand how your network and your personal computer works and understand the way you work. 

Maybe you are a single person company or 2 people at home or a 5 person microbusiness. It’s great to know that you have a dedicated company keeping track of your tech and how you work. What ever the requirement, we can keep track of it.

Salesman are there to push sales. We have seen on countless occasions where the salesman has pushed a product on a user, which led to user frustration and expense path to upgrades or training. 

All of our customers recieve free IT advice when they need to make new purchases. 

You are not a number. You are a client. A customer. A human being in need of assistance. So yes, we treat you like that. 

Supporting businesses for 15 years

Every business requires a personalised technology solution

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