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Each client and their sites are set up on dedicated VPS’s with their own CyberPanel installation which sits on top of Open LiteSpeed.

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LiteSpeed with CyberPanel built on top of Ubuntu 20 LTS installed on the fastest SSD drives in the industry. 

Benefits of Choosing SyteHero Boutique Hosting

We only use UpCloud as our VPS server providers with eight regional data centres in Europe, Asia, and the US.

Upcloud offers scalable MaxIOPS block storage provides higher performance at a lower price, and doesn’t throttle your performance based on price.

We handle all security, updates and maintenance of all servers. Go one step further and sign up for a complete WordPress maintenance solution.

All new sign ups may request a personal introduction to CyberPanel to help you get started quickly. 

You are not a number. You are a client. A customer. A human being in need of assistance. So yes, we treat you like that. 

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